Final Thoughts about the 2005 Aust 6-day race

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It’s now two weeks since the race and it’s still hard to comprehend what happened during the week of the race. My pre-race advertising included a release titled “World Records to go”. In my wildest dreams, I didnt really believe that they would! But boy did they tumble. I would say there was over a dozen world, age world, Australian, age Aust and other National records fell during the week! Can’t be a bad track for those many records to fall.

Only time will tell, if this goes down in history as the World Greatest ever 6-day race. It has to be close though!

The constant improvement once again made by the Colac Race committee. They continue to listen, learn and improve from year to year. Well done to the Committee
The great performances shown by all of the Australians. Peter Hoskinson breaking 700km and David Billett breaking 600km. The amazing first up performance by Garry Wise in running over 600kms. The great first 6-day race by Lindsay Phillips for a few years. I think Lindsay has dispelled the “Westfield” monkey from his back and I think we will see great things from him in years to come.

The battle between Ken Matchett and Stan Miskin in the Over 80 category.
The sportsmanship shown by so many competitors in the event.

It was an emotional experience which made me proud to be the Vice President of the Aust Ultra Runners Association.

It was great to see so many international competitors in the event, especially my friend Arun from India who has improved in leaps and bounds in the last three years. I would have loved to have spent more time getting to know the other International runners during the week.

The way crews helped one another and other runners without thinking twice.

The Great food prepared by Helene, Alana and the other ladies.

The Great atmosphere at the Square.

It’s the best venue in Australia.

Catching up with old friends and making new ones during the week.

I hope the people of Colac will continue to get behind the race and support it. They should be proud of their race. It’s the BEST. The committee is doing a fantastic job, but they desperately need fresh people to help them.

I am looking forward to hopefully qualifying for the race in two years time and taking part myself.

Phil Essam
10 Dec 05

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