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…a 450km non stop race along the classic Swedish hiking
trail “Kungsleden” next summer (or The Kings Trail, see
http://gorp.away.com/gorp/activity/hiking/features/classic-world-hikes- 5.html) which might be of interest for all of you ultra runners!

You need to be self-sufficient, but food is available in every other hut or about every 30 km on the northern half. Water is all over the place and need no purification. Boat shuttles (or rowing boats) at several places.


Kungsleden Running Extreme Adventure Marathon (KREAM), is an extreme
running race which goes along the well-known trail “Kungsleden” all the way from Hemavan to Abisko in the far north of Sweden totally 450 km.

KREAM is the longest and toughest race in Sweden. With its 450 km thru the Swedish highlands you are guaranteed both loads of altitude running and spectacular views.

Who can enter? The race is open to anyone who so wishes but! IT IS AN

The racetime is limited to 10 days or 240 hours, an average of 45 km per day (slightly longer than a marathon and in tough terrain.)

Needless to say that participation without adequate training can and will lead to injuries for witch the organizers can’t be held liable.

Kungsleden is mostly easily accessed with very varying surroundings. The running surface changes from nice smooth trails, rocky stages to even more rocky stages. In addition there are plenty of small bridges and some of the way you need to go by boat. Of course you can expect lots of uphill running but if its any consolation you will get almost as much downhill.Along the well marked trail there is little distance between huts and resting areas and the access to water is good. The first half has no huts and very few backpackers.

WHEN? The start will take place at  00:00 (midnight) the 4th of July 2006
and  finish no later than the July 14 11.59pm.

WHERE? From Hemavan to Abisko in the north of Sweden.

HOW? Running/trekking along the Kungsleden (The King’s Trail). Three
classes, MEN, WOMEN, AND RELAY 5 runner per team runs 70 – 110 km each.

TIME/DISTANCE? max 10 days / 450 km

WEATHER AND CONDITIONS?  The race runs during the last days of midnight
sun which means that you won’t need a flashlight. Any weather could be
possible including snow.

Registration fee: MEN and WOMEN 4000sek (about $500),    RELAY 7500sek
(about $950)

homepage: www.kream.se (will be available in English by December)

Questions e-mail me at joke@kream.se

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