Jim the Running Kilt

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8 May 2006

Scots pub landlord competes in ultra marathons in the most extreme conditions on Earth
By Craig Mcqueen
LIVING on the windy Ayrshire coast, you’d think former boxer Jim Montgomerie would be used to running in harsh conditions.
The super-fit 33-year-old can regularly be seen running from his Saltcoats home all the way up to Greenock.
You need to be a hardy soul to enjoy a 28-mile trek like that. But for Jim, it feels like a stroll in the park.
That’s because the publican has made a habit of running ultra marathons in the most extreme of conditions – in his kilt.
He’s currently recovering from a 75-mile race in the heat of the Sahara Desert, followed by a 30-mile trek across the Arctic.
And now Jim, nicknamed the Running Kilt by fellow athletes, has his heart set on becoming a member of the Grand Slam Club, an exclusive group of endurance athletes who have completed marathons on all seven continents and the North Pole.

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