Running Riot Review

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Tjok & cheesy
By Yazeed Kamaldien

Running Riot
Director: Koos Roets
Cast: Paul Slabolepszy, Bill Flynn, Nazli George, Joey Rasdien, Vanessa Harris
Running Time: 96 minutes
Classification: PG LS

While the premise for this film sounds fantastic, ideas are only as good as their execution in the film world.

Running Riot could have been so much better if the characters weren’t one-dimensional, a ruthless script editor checked the script before filming kicked off and the actors were given a better script to work with.

Paul Slabolepszy, Bill Flynn, Nazli George and Joey Rasdien are all local actors who have proven their ability in other productions, whether on stage or film. By the way, wild-haired Rasdien is forgiven because his next shot at the big screen, as one of the central characters in Bunny Chow, rocks him back into the spotlight. Flynn is also forgiven as he’s currently giving Cape Town audiences all the magic in the live theatre run of the musical comedy, Fangs.

Running Riot follows Crispin (Slabolepszy) and Tjokkie (Flynn) as two friends in Durban for the Comrades Marathon long-distance race. Crispin got himself into a bet to win the race and now Tjokkie has to prepare his old friend get ready to hit the road.

Crispin’s wife has, meanwhile, employed private investigator |Dolores Domingo (George) and her side-kick (Rasdien) to find out if he’s cheating on her.

Enter a hot-blooded Russian babe who is angered by her beefed-up man and then turns her eye to Crispin. The question, of course, is whether he’ll go all the way, both in the race and the sack.

Comrades Marathon champion Bruce Fordyce also makes an appearance as himself. No comment on his acting or role in the movie. Let’s hope this guy decides to rather bathe in sunscreen or sell the stuff via infomercials. And yet, to top the absurdity of it all, Slabolepszy has on record stated that Fordyce was the inspiration for this film.

Slabolepszy and Flynn are funny but one can’t build a film on one-liners and two characters. The other characters do feel somewhat standby, as opposed to central to the story. That’s what extras are for.

I really love the words that spill from Bill Flynn though. Take your pick and figure out what these new additions to the dictionary could mean in Flynnish: dehydrangered, hysterio, ultimatrum. And one of the most interesting things to come out of Running Riot is that Durban is actually a really beautiful city.

From Phil:

Have any ultrarunners in South Africa seen this and can comment on the film?

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