Western Washington FA50/25 Runs

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Western Washington Fat Ass 50/25 Runs

Tiger Mountain, Issaquah, WA

Trails, 50Km, 7,400′ Elevation Gain

January 6, 2007

50Km Results

Name Time

1. Ralph Pooler 5:26

2. Brock Gavery 5:32

3. Bruce Grant 6:17

Marty Fagan 6:17

5. Bob Sokol 6:20

Bruce Huff 6:20

Sam Thompson 6:20

8. Van Phan F 6:45

9. Merita Trohimovich F 7:08

10. Shawn Larson 7:18

11. Maniac 2000 F 7:22

12. Eric Barnes 8:08

Rob Hester 8:08

Steve Stoyles 8:08

15 Cheri Pompeo F 9:08 *

Ron Nicholl 9:08 *

55 Km Results

1. Craig Hanela 6:51

Scott Krelll 6:51

3. Janet Casil F 6:55

4. Karen Wiggins F 7:13

25 Km Results

1. Brian Morrison 2:32

2. Michael Sanders 2:37

3. Rob Lang 2:39

Scott Jurek 2:39

Scott McCoubrey 2:39

6. Jack the Dog 2:43

7. Eric Arrestad 2:45

8. Michael Gordon 2:46

9. Chris Carlston 2:47

10. Ken Blauveet 2:48

Lance Graham 2:48

12. Steve Roberge 2:50

Ted Erkkila 2:50

14. Gregg Walchi 2:51

Noah Domont 2:51

16. Gary T 2:54

17. Max Andel 2:55

18. Aaron Sandberg 2:57

Jim Wilson 2:57

Kevin Pazaski 2:57

Jen “GL” Bells F 2:57

John O’Hearn 2:57

23. Mike Adams 2:58

24. Kendra Borgmann F 2:59

25. Roy Seliber 3:01

26. Rob Fransen 3:02

27. Keith Brewe 3:04

28. Audrey Baldeclari F 3:05

29. Dave Westicke 3:06

James Varner 3:06

Wendy Wheeler Jacobs F 3:06

32. Emil King 3:08

33. Joshua Simons 3:09

34. Andy Martin 3:10

Anthony Reeves 3:10

36. Jon Karlen 3:11

37. Mike O’Grady 3:13

38. Chris Fagan F 3:14

Kevin Myers 3:14

40. Kevin Simmons 3:15

41. Brent Spilsbury 3:16

Jeff Forister 3:16

43. Eric Sach 3:17

Iliana Avila F 3:17

Niki Bowerman F 3:17

Steve Barrick 3:17

47. Erik DeSilva 3:20

48. Christel Elliott 3:21

49. Herb Reeves 3:22

50. David Coates 3:23

* Sweeping

** Early Start – Marking

Ralph Pooler recorded the fastest time of the 16th annual Western Washington Recover from the Holidays Fat Ass 50Km with a 5:26. Van Phan had the fastest woman’s 50Km time in 6:45. Brian Morrison led the one loop, 25Km runners with a 2:32 and a.k.a. “Jen “GL” Bells” was the first 25Km woman in 2:57.

A near record number of 127 runners signed up this “non-event.” 107 did the 25Km, while 16 went on for the two loop 50Km. Four runners completed the original course, now considered 55Km, which consisted of an out and back to the Snoqualmie Falls overlook via the Preston Bike Path plus one mountain loop.

The Western Washington FA runs are unique. Steve Loitz was overheard telling some hikers as they inquired, “What race is this?” Steve responded that this is a “non-existent” race. This is true because of permitting problems in the past when it was decided that everyone just show up for a fun run, not a race.

The Western Washington Fat Ass Runs are truly unique amongst New Year’s running events. Many have said that only ultrarunners would suggest such a run as a way to overcome the over indulgences of the Holidays. The definition of a Fat Ass Run is just that, no entry, no awards, no shirt, no wimps and according to big Steve, “it doesn’t even exist.”

The storm that moved through the night before left more than a foot of new snow on top of West Tiger #1. The early runners created a very distinctive snow trail for those that followed. Tiger Mountain in the snow is always a beautiful sight. The snow depth made for slower times, not to mention that it also convinced many that one loop was enough, as they headed to the nearby brew pub.

Many thanks to Scott Jurek and Glenn Tachiyama who headed up the volunteers that worked to clear the course of the recent storm damage. Lynn Yarnall headed up the group that hung the traditional Christmas ornaments as trail markings. To make this a real Fat Ass event, Ray Gruenewald stopped by with his traditional contribution of boxes of Krispy Krème doughnuts,

Thanks to all that came out for the 16th Annual Western Washington FA welcoming in the 2007 running Year!

Ron Nicholl.

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