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Letter of Invitation

Dear our fellow ultra distance runners,

We are happy to introduce you a really spectacular long distance ultramarathon

race in Korea that has never been known to elsewhere.

This is ” Trans Korea 308 km Ultra Marathon race “, which has been held yearly

since the year of 2000. This trail run is to cross the Korean Peninsular say,

start from the West Sea ( Yellow Sea ) to the East Sea ( Pacific Ocean ) in the

qualifying time of 64 hours.

The whole race will be organized by the KUMF, Korea Ultra Marathon Federation,

who has proved his outstanding ability of race organization to the worldwide

ultrarunners through the IAU 100 KM World Cup ’06, Misari, Seoul, Korea.

Runners will be aided for drinks or some very basic food at the point of

every 50 km and any further sort of personal needs must be met by themselves.

Last year the number of runners who ran the race were, please don’t be surprised,

203, and finishers were 151. This year you would be one of the intrepid

challenging runners of over 400, in view of the current booming anxiety with long

distance running here in Korea.

Should anyone wants to challenge the absolute solitude in the Far East, enjoying

the awesome wind-chime far away from the temple in the misty moon light,

why not come and join us the challenge of Trans Korea 308 km Ultramarathon

2007 in Korean peninsular, the land of morning calm !! We bet it’s gonna be

the most spectacular, unforgettable experience that you will cherish in the whole

rest of your life.

when : Sept 13 – 16, 2007

where : Seoul, Korea

who organize this : Korea Ultra Marathon Federation

contact : Trans Korea 308km

e-mail :

reg. fee : US$300.- per person ( Local transportation inclusive from hotel to the

start then from the finish back to hotel )

Remarks : Free Home Stay program will be offered for those who wants to know

more about Korean tradition and Uniqueness.

Park, Bokjin Lee, Youngsik

Race Director President

Organizing Committee of

Trans Korea 308 km Ultramarathon ’07 Korea Ultra Marathon Federation

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