Tribute to Regis Shivers

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Tribute to Regis Shivers

I’m writing this through tears of grief for an ultra runner I never had the
pleasure of meeting, yet he had a big impact on my life. I will never forget
him. I still hope to meet his wife, Diana, someday.

Regis Shivers, Sr. of West Lafayette, OH died this morning at 6:30 after
several years of fighting throat/chest cancer that had apparently begun even
before he ran the Appalachian Trail in 2003 in 87 days. The story of his
adventure is in the October 2003 issue of UltraRunning magazine (p. 66). Diana
crewed for him in much the same way that Jim crewed for me when I ran/hiked the
Trail in 2005 — only Regis did it faster AND completed the Mohican 100-mile
race in the middle of his journey run!

I knew Regis was ill when I began my own quest on the AT, but finally wrote
to him anyway. The response we received from Regis and Diana was
overwhelmingly supportive. They wrote to us almost weekly during our trek, offering
encouragement, motivational quotes, and tons of information that was very helpful
to us.

As I neared the end of my journey, Regis asked if I minded if he summitted
Katahdin with me. The mountain was shrouded in fog the day he finished his run,
and he wanted to relive the climb on a sunny day. I was deeply honored that
he’d want to join me. Despite being in and out of the hospital, he had been
training enough to believe he could do the climb. It gave him hope, and
motivation to train. I eagerly looked forward to meeting him.

Unfortunately, Regis had an important hospital appointment in Cincinnati
when I reached Katahdin and he never got to return to the mountain. Diana
continued to send regular e-mails about his condition over the next fifteen months.
Their life was a roller coaster of hospitalizations for chemo, tubes for his
throat, returning home for a while, and on and on. He’d get better, then
worse. Both of them truly fought a “battle” against the disease. I don’t think I
could have handled the stress nearly as well as they did. Since December,
the updates have come from their daughter, Shannon. Diana was too exhausted to
continue writing any more.

I hope those of you who know him better will write about his life and his
running. Regis was an inspiration to me, and I know he was beloved by many
others. If you’d like to send e-mail condolences to his family, his e-mail
address is _crewregis@yahoo.com_ ( .

Sue Norwood
Roanoke, VA
_www.runtrails.net_ (

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