Tony Mangan wins 48hr at Brno.

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In a fantastic performance, Tony Mangan from Ireland has won the 48hr Indoor Race at Brno with 426.178km . Second was Kenji Okiyama from Japan with 412.9km. This is an excellant result for Tony and certainly caps off a good St Patricks Day weekend for the Irish after their cricketers beating Pakistan in the World Cup.

I have done a quick analysis on Tony’s performance. Here are the 6 hour breakdowns:

6hr: 59km
12hr: 57.8km
18hr: 58.2km
24hr: 49.133km
30hr: 55.167km
36hr: 43.5km
42hr: 51.2km
48hr: 53.178km

It is also believed that Tony’s performance is a World Record for Indoors. This will be subject to ratification by the IAU.

Tony’s article from the ATY race earlier this year.

Tony has since been invited to compete at the 48hr race in Surgerres, France this year as the comment below shows.