Trans USA update

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Run #6290 Post #0042: Daily Dose of Running Across USA 2007

Jay Birmingham, solo running crosser from 1980, just emailed me and cleaned
up some information about his journey run. That propelled me to getting an
update out since I haven’t emailed in a couple months.

Ryan Dacko joins the list as the 175th person to cross (166th male, 30th
supported run, 201st crossing overall among other stats). He ran from
Syracuse, NY to Hollywood, CA and finished a mere 17 minutes before 2007
rang in. Ryan covered 3,143.4 miles in 139 days with the goal to meet a
movie producer at the finish. Go to to
learn more.

The list has been updated and can be found here:

And, a new list of relays, long distances, Self-Transcendence 3100:

Finally, two new runners join the 2007 crossings list.

Martin Ilott will be starting in 10 days or so to run the “traditional”
route of Huntington Beach, CA to New York City, NY. (I just visited his sit=
tonight though and it looks like he might be rerouting already.) He’s
trying to become the first British runner to complete the run unsupported.
The run is supporting Thames Hospice Care. Follow Martin at:

BjFrn Suneson is following up a successful north to south run in 2005 with a
west to east run. Bj=F6rn will start in Florence, OR and run to Virginia
Beach, VA covering 3,200 miles in 100 days. He’ll start on June 10th and
will also be going unsupported, pushing a baby jogger with his belongings.
His website is mostly in Swedish, with one section in English. You may want
to translate when visiting:

I hope each of the runners experience favorable weather and kindness from
all the folks they will encounter on their adventures.

The roadways across America are looking busy again this year!