Ilott completes fastest run across America

Posted on June 21, 2007 by

Runs Across America: Run #6380 Post #0046

Martin Ilott completed the fastest unsupported U.S. running crossing (10th
overall and first Brit) on June 10. He completed the journey from
Huntington Beach, CA to Central Park in NYC, NY in 71.27 days (time zone
adjusted), averaging close to 46 miles per day if the total mileage was
3,260. This was the 202nd crossing making Martin the 176th person and 167th
male so far according to my records. New photos and journal entries can be
viewed at:

Bj=F6rn Suneson took the torch from Martin and began his trek on June 11 from
Florence, Oregon. Bj=F6rn is a couple days past Prineville and will no doubt
be experiencing the amazing wilderness area of central and eastern Oregon.
It’s hard to believe I passed through that area in October three years ago.
Follow along Bj=F6rn’s unsupported journey run as he tries to become the
oldest person to accomplish the goal:

Jackson Williams set off shortly after Bj=F6rn from Huntington Beach, CA on
June 14. He has covered 160 miles already in the extreme heat of California
and will see much more of that as summer will be in full swing soon. Today
is Jackson’s birthday so stop on his website or blog and wish him success
and a happy birthday.

My parents, John and Karen Wallace, are still on track to depart on their
north-south journey on 7/7/07. The new tabulated mileage is 1273 but as all
trans-con runners now that is subject to change. Training is going well in
unseasonably hot Michigan and final preparations are underway for a smooth
departure. I will be flying in to see them off and give them a few final
pointers. They are looking for lodging help pretty much the whole route, so
if you are near a city or know someone near a city they are running through,
please contact them through the website:

Bruce Johnson recently moved his start date forward to October 1. No
further information is available but I’ll be keeping an eye on his website
for any changes:

Any others out there? Walking? Hiking? I’m always looking for new updates
and additional facts for the compilation: