Across the Years enrollment

Posted on August 10, 2007 by

Across the Years enrollment

Esteemed ultrarunners,

As has already been reported by others, the official
enrollment list for Across the Years 2007 has now been
posted on the web site, those who have been selected
have been notified by email, and also those who have
not been chosen have been told.

You may expect to see an occasional tweak to the list
as time goes on, but basically the list is complete.

The ATY organizers decided that because some of the
pieces are still rolling, for now we will not display
the waiting list, but we *will* do so later.

We have also agreed not to discuss the criteria by
which selection was made, other than in these general
terms: Some runners were invited, including some
long-time friends of ATY, and also some new ones; and
some people were selected by means of a weighted
lottery. The results are what you see.

We are excited to see the best field ever in the race
for this year.

At the same time, it has been difficult for us. I
believe I speak for all the core oranizers in saying
that it breaks our hearts that we are unable to enroll
everyone who registered, excluding even a few people
who have run with us on several occasions, and others
who I know were deeply hopeful of getting in.

There *is* a waiting list for those people who wish to
be on it, so no one who wanted to get in is entirely
without hope of yet making it.

We invite you to visit the web site and to check out
the list on the “Who’s Coming” page and the individual
runner biographies.

Lynn David Newton
Across the Years Webmaster