UTMB – Live on GoogleEarth

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UTMB – Live on GoogleEarth

Hum, hope UTMB won’t make it to the black list…
Sorry for this new post, but I’ve never seen such a feature on a
100-miler in the US, so it may give some ideas to race directors, to
please the webcast fans.
The positions of the top runners will be displayed in real time on
Google Earth (at least that’s what UTMB organizers advertise/aim for).
Instructions are available (in French) at:
– install/launch Google Earth
– right click on My Places > Add > Network link…
– add the link to track the runners:
– click on the Refresh pane and pick the frequency you want
– you can also add the link displaying the course:
And follow you favorite runner, if he (resp. she) is making it to the
top 10 (resp. 3) by La Fouly (mile 64), which should be around
11pm-midnight Pacific this Friday night.

For the less techies, or to follow other runners, splits will be
available at http://live.ultratrailmb.com/


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