Man Against the Horse Race – Prescott Arizona October 6

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Man Against the Horse Race – Prescott Arizona October 6


On October 6 outside of Prescott Arizona will be the 24th annual Man = Against the Horse Race. It is not a ride and tie, the event is an honest man against the horse race over terrain that offers the humans a solid chance at victory. My understanding is that sometimes the best horse wins over 50 miles, sometimes the man beats the horse, and sometimes it comes right on down to the wire in a sprint finish.

The race offers three distances — 50 mile, 25 mile, and 12 mile. If you are looking for something different, this might be a pretty cool event. I probably won’t be there this year, but it is very tempting and the event is definitely on my must-do list. Here’s the link to the

Some of my friends will be there and I think that their horses need a little two-legged competition. So you might want to lace up those shoes = or tie up those huarache sandals and give it a shot.

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