John and Karen Wallace finish 1,300 mile run

Posted on September 28, 2007 by

Together We Run Finishes in Biloxi 9-26-07

John and Karen Wallace of “Together We Run” have successfully ran across
America North to South beginning on 7/7/07 and ending on 9/26/07 covering
just over 1,300 miles.  Photo updates are complete through the end of the
run with only a blog entry to go to wrap it up.

Thanks for those that followed along!  There will be a much more thorough
wrap-up with stats and such once I get back to Seattle.  I’m sitting in a
parking lot now borrowing internet from somebody.  Everything down here is
just about two years old after being rebuilt since Hurricane Katrina.  Still
lots of rebuilding to do so come down and visit if you can and don’t forget
this small part of the country.


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