WalkingMan – Week 12 in the UK

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Posted by: Tony Mangan.

Tallow, Ireland to Llanychaer, Wales via ferry from Rosslare, Ireland to Fishguard, Wales. 9-20-2007 to 9-26-2007, 119 miles, 16,776 Total World Walk Miles.

Finally got to see a Hurling game I have been hearing about on the radio so much. It is not what the Irish do when they drink to much Guinness.
Kind of like lacrosse only played with a stick with a wide wooden paddle end instead of a mesh netting. Just outside of Clonmel I saw a game being played on a big grass field so I went down to watch. They hit the ball with the wide end of the stick instead of catching it with the mesh netting in the lacrosse stick.. They pick up the ball with the stick and either pass it off, run with it bouncing on the end of the stick, or take a whack at it to try and get it in the net goal box or through the high goal posts for a score. It seems to be a pretty dangerous sport as the medic kept running on the field to administer to injured players. As you are trying to whack the ball the defenders are trying to whack the ball out of your control and steal it. So a lot of whacking going on. After everybody left I camped in the back of the
field behind some trees.
Stopped at the Bulmers Cider Brewery just outside Clonmel. Talked to the security guard, but no tours like at the Guinness Brewery. Huge place, they had 400 big corn silo sized tanks to ferment the cider in. About 40 feet high by 10 feet wide. Not sure of the volume, I think it is 3.14 times radius squared times height equals volume, but not sure how to change from square feet to gallons, but lots of cider.
Passing quite a few Carnegie Free Libraries in small towns. I read one plaque back in Scotland where Andrew Carnegie was born. He was the richest man in the world about 100 years ago. So he set up a fund to build libraries all over the UK, Ireland, America, and other places. Free Libraries are still the best deal in town. Knowledge, adventure, info, fun , all free for the asking. I know I spent a lot of time in the Newfane, New York free Library when I was a kid growing up. Probably where I got my interest in traveling and having adventures. The first books I remember reading were the “I Was There” series of historical novels about the Civil War, Revolutionary War, and other historical events.
As I was sitting and taking a break by a hay field one day a your boy and his dog came over to see what I was up to. Kyle Murray and his dog Bingo had plenty of questions about my walk and invited me over to his house for coffee and biscuits with his family. Took a photo and had Kyle sign my witness book.
Joe Whelan stopped to talk to me in Newcastle and invited me to stop at his house down the road for coffee. About an hour later I found his nice old stone cottage and had a nice chat, cup of coffee, sandwich, and a nice hot shower. His wife and daughter showed up just as I was leaving so I got to
meet them to.      Beautiful quiet local road with lots of huge old oak and
beech trees lining both sides of the road. Some of the local roads have real tall hedges on both sides. They seem to be stone fences on the bottom, piled higher with dirt, then planted with bushes and trees to form a solid thick fence that provides nice shade also.
One lady stopped while I was taking a break and drying my tent in a small pullout. She had some bottled water, candy, and Lucasade(like
Gatorade) for me to keep me fueled up for my walk. Hugh Nuggent came out to talk when he saw me drying my tent on a common area near his house. He asked me if I was catching bees or wasps. I had my big hat on and a white bandanna on underneath pinned in front of my face to keep the sun of me. So I guess he thought I was some kind of bee or wasp catcher gathering up a swarm of bees. He went in to make me a cup of coffee and brought out some cake for me.
Finally got to see the full moon and planet Venus the other night.
Been cloudy almost every night the last 3 months it seems like. So it was nice to be able to leave my rain-fly off and see the stars and moon.
Took the ferry from Ireland to Wales. So I am headed north now up the coast of Wales. Then I will cut over east to Wolverhampton to visit a friend, then south for Oxford, and east to London.

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Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing.

Gary “Walkingman” Hause.