Money on offer for Ultracentric racewalkers

Posted on October 6, 2007 by

There is one final USA Centurion qualifier for the year and it will be held in Texas on 17-18 November in conjunction
with the Ultracentric 24 Hour Run U.S. National Championship. Race Director Robert Tavernini’s offer of $12,000
prize money will again, as in 2006, be the largest award purse for an American ultramarathon.

And the Centurion division has it’s fair share of the prize money.

UC Centurion Champion $500
UC Centurion Second Place $500
UC Centurion Third Place $500
100K or Better $250
100K or Better $250

On top of that, the organisers are offering a special Ultracentric Centurion American Record Incentative – $ 1,000 to the
UC Centurion participant who establishes a New American Centurion Men’s or Women’s Record. So if you are in a
mind to give it a bash, point browsers to