1000 Mle Walk for SIDs and Kids

Posted on October 13, 2007 by

I reported several months ago that Val Moran from Canberra would be attempting a 1000 mile walk for SIDS and Kids in Oct and Nov this year.

It was a shame to hear a few weeks ago that Val had lsot her husband in a gliding accident:

In the last Centurion’s newsletter, I wrote about Val Moran’s attempt to walk 1000 miles in 1000 hours next month to raise money for SIDS and Kids. Two weeks ago, I was shocked to hear that Val’s husband, Peter, had tragically died in
a gliding accident. Peter was very active in the community through Rotary, Scouts, SIDS for Kids and various other groups and this was reflected in a large attendance at his funeral. Peter was playing a vital role in the lead-up to Val’s
1000 mile walk and his loss is a huge blow for Val.
But she is now even more determined to complete her 1000 mile walk, walking now both for Suzanne, the daughter she and Peter lost to SIDS, and for Peter. There is a moving tribute to Peter on the 1000 Mile Walk website at
www.1000milewalk.com.au . So the walk will still start on 7 October and Val still plans to finish on 17 November. The
ACT Race & Fitness Walking Club has thrown its full support behind Val and they will be keeping her company when they can. If any other walkers are in Canberra at that time, they should drop down to to say hello. I’m sure it will be appreciated.

Pat Fisher from the ACT RaceWalking club sent me this note and update about the progress of her  walk overnight:

Just to update you on Val Moran’s 1000 mile walk which started at 6am last Sunday 7 October.

Val is going very well and has covered approx. 292Km/182 miles in the first
7 days. She is well on schedule at this stage and has maintained her daily average of a marathon a day despite one or two physical problems and some very strong winds. She is receiving strong support and never ceases to be cheerful always greeting and smiling at passers by.

I attach a couple of photos and will keep you posted on how she is going.