Indulgence: 1000 miles Under the Colorado Sky

Posted on October 15, 2007 by

Negative Split Pictures announces the start of post-production for their second feature-film, Indulgence: 1000 Miles Under the Colorado Sky. Indulgence follows ultra-marathon phenom Anton Krupicka’s life during the summer of 2007 as he trains for the Leadville 100 mile trail race. Running over 1000 miles in the 5 weeks prior to Leadville, Anton pushed himself to the limits of endurance in his successful attempt to defend his 2006 Leadville crown.


Filmmakers Brennan Galloway and Alex Nichols were there to capture the hours of training that Anton put in. Inspired by mountain ski and bike films and shot in high definition, the film will give the viewer a first-hand look into the beautiful trails that Krupicka runs on a daily basis. Filming primarily in Colorado but also in Utah, Nevada, and California, the film’s presentation will reflect Anton’s simple approach to life and running and his continued pursuit of this minimalist ideal amidst the expectations of modern society.


Bozeman local Krupicka has a quickly expanding list of accomplishments in the ultra community including 2006 and 2007 wins at the Leadville 100 mile trail race, a 2007 win at the Rocky Raccoon 100 mile race, 2006 wins at the Leadville, Estes Park, and American Discovery Trail Marathons as well as his 2007 win at the Collegiate Peaks 50 miler. Anton was nominated for an Everest Award at the 2007 Teva Mountain Games, and is a member of the La Sportiva Mountain Running Team. In 2005 Anton graduated from Colorado College with degrees in philosophy, physics, and geology, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in geology at Montana State University.


Negative Split Pictures is a film production company based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Their first film, Five Thousand Meters: Nothing Comes Easy followed nine athletes training for the 2004 Olympic Games in the 5000m distance on the track. This will be NSP’s second major running film, and the company looks to continue producing sports media in the near future.


Indulgence is scheduled to be premiere early December 2007, with DVD distribution and various screenings shortly following. Distribution details, production information, and the latest media are available on the movie’s website


For more information email or call Brennan Galloway at 404-713-9566