Superb article about Sri Chinmoy

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Superb article about Sri Chinmoy

Maybe I missed it, but I have not seen anybody post a link to this
superb article about Sri Chinmoy in the New York Times:

It may be necessary to register for the site, but is worth doing, and
a trivial process.

The article is well-written, and speaks not only of SC’s extraordinary
accomplishments in the world of extreme athletics, but his many other
pursuits as well, and includes a sort of laundry list of celebrities
and notables whose lives were touched by his work.

I daresay most ultrarunners know Sri Chinnoy mainly for his work that
directly involved super-long distance running. That the average trail
junkie type has barely even heard of the man and may not even know how
to spell or pronounce his name, let alone explain who he is, is kind
of a shame, but it does underscore that our sport does have many
facets and corners to it, and not everyone pursues it to the same
degree or explores the same areas.

Readers who have not as yet become familiar with this extraordinary
man’s accomplishments are strongly encouraged to read the article
above and “expand their horizons” a bit. (A favorite expression of my

While I do not myself subscribe to even the little bit I know of SR’s
philosophy of life, I recognize that he has most certainly done some
extraordinary things and has influenced many people into realizing
that human beings are capable of doing far more than most of us would
ever dare dream about.