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From Rosie. NEW YORK! NEW YORK!!! Report 14

THANK YOU to EVERYONE in New York for the absolutely fabulous welcome in legendary Times Square last Thursday – It was fantastic. I still can hardly believe the warmth of the people who cheered Charlie and me in to a special MANHATTAN FINISH. A deadline for THE FINISH of the run up to here, and a photocall had been arranged between the kind efforts of Catrin Brace the Welsh Assembly Government’s Representative in New York, her right hand Rebecca Jenkins, Andrew Weir, an executive with VISIT BRITAIN, and Jane Ridley, Senior Features Writer for the New York Daily News.  When I’d been told they wanted to have the welcome, I’d been touched, It was great of them. I am always haunted by the fact that I am running around the world with many promises to keep. It is not good enough just to achieve it, unless it helps the Goshen Center for Cancer Care, the Kitezh Community for Children in Russia and other causes I hold special. That’s hard to do! So, I was very grateful to Catrin and the others, for having what I felt would be a wonderful small celebration, giving valuable Publicity to the above. BUT EVERYBODY JOINED IN!!!!! It ended up like a huge party.!

The whole jam packed jam jacked effervescent Square suddenly seemed to stop in its tracks to cheer Charlie! All except for those people and cars straight ahead, where the crowds and traffic parted to make a path – as I sprinted in, a few moments before 2pm. It was just such a brilliant, spontaneous celebration that belonged to everybody, and was such fun! Intrepid Photographers Julia and Dan actually went sprawling on the ground to get the best ‘eyeball’ pictures of Charlie’s wheels! – and of the Goshen Cancer Awareness signs. 

Catrin and Andrew crowned the moment by symbolically giving me both the Welsh Red Dragon and the Union Jack to fly with pride – making me feel a big lump in my throat – and that I was running for my country. Then – it was over – but the glow stayed with me. Catrin and the others were happy that I’d booked a hotel for the night to have a good rest.. But as it turned out, when I got to the hotel. I couldn’t stay there. They were delighted to have me, they said – and a king size bed and long hot bath awaited me, they assured me – BUT – there was nowhere to park Charlie.!!!!! 

The interior of the hotel didn’t have room – I was learning that in Manhattan, every inch of spare space is worth its weight is pure gold ALSO, the car parks were no good.  The distressed Car park managers and attendants told me it would be more than their jobs were worth to take poor Charlie in. I do sympathize very, very greatly with the way that although New Yorkers have such big hearts, and want to do everything for you – they are curtailed by the very necessary extra security rules since 9/11.  

Any ‘vehicle’ left in a car park now has to have both an engine and a license number plate – So! Charlie was OUT! I could not leave my ship! So I said goodbye to the Hotel, we continued a bit. Then, I arrived among the statues and beautiful gracious old trees of Central park where may people were hanging out.. It was still only about 8pm. I was getting tired – I thought – ‘I’ll just have a little rest for awhile here, then see what to do.  I Didn’t WAKE  UP TILL NEXT MORNING!

 The branches of the trees were glowing golden in early morning sunlight Birds were singing.  Early runners and joggers were exercising. Dogs joined in the fun – IT WAS A BRAND NEW DAY – THAT HAD ARRIVED SO SUDDENLY – IT HARDLY SEEMED A MOMENT SINCE YESTERDAY – AND THIS TURNED OUT TO BE AN AMAZING DAY TOO, The policeman came up just as I was leaving, and couldn’t have been nicer. He just wished me luck and God Speed! He signed my notebook – and kindly said he hoped I’d be back that evening. 

He wanted to see me again to give me a NYPD police stripe to add to the lovely one the Jersey City police had given to me.. I never got back to Central Park.! In the extraordinary non stop lively way of life that seems to be in the character and spirit of New York City – I was soon being messaged on my Blackberry by the Daily News.. A reader had called them fearing the kind policeman had been ticketing me! She’d been worried! I said said I was fine and that the policeman had been great to me –

The Newspaper swept me away to do a follow up spread in their pages.. I had to do it especially because I need to put the record straight as to how good the NYPD have been to me. No way despite all this, would the Newspaper’s stunningly kind feature write Jane hear of me going back to the Park – instead, she arranged for the Newspaper to store Charlie right inside in the newspaper office – and for them to sponsor me with a night in the 800 dollar a night approx W HOTEL – IN times Square again – and one of Landmarks.. 

It felt extraordinary! I was on the 43rd I had a quiet night – spending time gazing down in wonder at the bright lights of the entire city spread out below me! And, I couldn’t think of myself as Cinderella – for sleeping in Central Park had been such a beautiful and unforgettable experience also. The poignancy of so very many different experiences in this chameleon city of New York kept overwhelming me I was fine, yet the joy and sorrow of life, changing with every mile in the city.- I ran up Madison Avenue. Where thee entire exquisitely dressed staff of Channel. Turned out onto the pavement to greet me, and I was asked in to receive the gift of some Channel no 5, while Charlie, as always, posed for his pictures. 

But not so long after that on my way through Harlem, I ran through a part of the where even the rap music had been turned down, as everybody was in mourning for 2 people stabbed by a madman, not far away from me, on that very same day., including a 67 yea r old woman who been just walking her dog at around 11am, now in hospital fighting for her life. A bit further on there dozens of police cars with flashing lights. One of them explained there had been an explosion nearby, many people had got hurt, and the Mayor of New York was there right now, visiting the injured. 

I carried on over a bridge on my way north out of Manhattan and through the Bronx. The rap was deafening ly cheerful here, belting out of every doorway and car windows. It was getting dark again. So, I stopped at a small Tire Repair Store and asked the owner if I could park in the forecourt for the night, and slept very well. Next morning, Sunday, while off running through an area that was extremely poor and rundown I dodged a rat that dashed across the pavement.  Garbage was everywhere – I watched women carrying heavy bags with the kit – on their way I thought to some very early morning cleaning or factory job, how patient and smiling they were despite everything.. 

People always ask me ‘ aren’t you afraid to run through the difficult areas.. But it is much worse for those who live there… Anyway – a lively old man rushed up to me and cheered me up – He was shouting, with joy spread over his thoughtful looking, bony face – ‘hey! )You’re running through The GHETTO girl! How wonderful, that you’ve come to run through the Ghetto – for us!’ .. I think it’s true human magic when people who have no reason to smile at life can still bravely smile and joke to encourage others. 

I was on the Boston Post Road entering Norwalk when I received an invitation by email, to appear. Thank you Martha and ALL here – it was such an honor and such fun – Eating cake with Martha – was a wonderful contrast to eating spaghetti with bits of grits in it from the melted snow which with I had to cook in places like Siberia – 

The story the great Highlight of the Live Martha Show is so special that it will have to wait until my next report as I have to get this off NOW!!!! James’s brilliant work on the website – and my deadline for these reports mean everything to me.. Not only because of being able to be in touch – the whole thing is achieved by James with such great, great unselfishness and caring, right in the midst of his hectic life. it means so much to me. I like to tell you all again and again – my Evie, Jim family, dear friends and All those following me on the web – that I love you all and am so very grateful to you. – you are here with me in every important sense – ALWAYS! Rosie END

A huge thank you to Bryan from for fixing the guest book. have been kind enough to host Rosie’s web site free of charge right from the beginning of her world run, and the service and reliability has been wonderful. Many thanks James

12 of September 2007, hi, Rosie has had the most incredible wee