Sri Chinmoy in Sports Illustrated

Posted on October 20, 2007 by

 The October 22 issue of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED (Patriots’ Tom Brady on cover) has a short feature in “For The Record” on Sri Chinmoy (page 24).

There is a color photo of Sri Chinmoy curling a dumbell and mention of the many athletes and celebrities he advised.  The article states that “… he promoted extreme physical activity like weight lifting and DISTANCE RUNNING as a path to enlightenment.”

Like others, I am pondering why there has not been more discussion of his passing on an ultralist …   IS there an individual who conceived of, organized and inspired so many, many races longer than 26.2 miles?

Folks on this list may also not know that list member, veteran ultrarunner and all-around nice guy Chanakya Jakovic of England is an accomplished poet and children’s author.  I apologize to Chan. for taking some liberties in quoting what strikes me as an apropos poem of his on this sad, poignant occasion:

…Your memory
Too strong
To fade away
It sometimes
Makes me weep

The spark
Inside me quickens
A moment in time
Not lost

The part of you
Inside my heart
Will never go away …
New York:  Light 24 Press, 2003.)

I hope that ultrarunners everywhere will feel the spark inside them quicken and will see that a moment in time is not lost.

–Mark Dorion