Extra Mile Endurathon – the new Ultras?

Posted on November 15, 2007 by


Is the last person walking, after everyone else has dropped out.

Every competitor will walk as long as he or she feels comfortable and able to participate. When only 2 competitors are left, they walk until one drops out of the race. Then the last one remaining has to go The Extra Mile to claim the prize money. Since the ExtraMileEndurathon is not limited by distance or time, it is mainly a mental challenge. Physical endurance is important, too, as well as having support from friends and family. Every competitor will be bringing his or her own support staff team along, a minimum of 3 people per 24 hours to be available for 3 x 8 hour shifts.
A cell phone, mobile email device such as a BlackBerry and a digital camera are the minimum equipment each contestant should have with them at all times. Producers will announce the course at the start of the race including checkpoints and rest times. The Winner of the ExtraMileEndurathon has the right to participate at 1 of the next 3 ExtraMileEndurathons of his choice and also to start at the “Best-of-10” for a prize money of $10,000.

On each race and each competitor will be available, viewers can email competitors and cheer them on live during the race. Web broadcasts will be available before and during the race.

Positive messages from the public and those from select senders (friends and family) will be available for each competitor on a personal screen or live audio as desired. Answers from the competitors will be broadcast live via headset icrophones or mobile emailing devices. No other sports event except open sea yacht racing offers the possibility for viewers to contact and communicate live with the competitors.