Ultracentric – Six new Centurions

Posted on November 22, 2007 by

Here are nearly-complete results for last weekend’s Ultracentric Centurion race in Grapevine, Texas. I’ll rely on Ed Parrot to forward his correct time. If anything else looks wrong, please let me know. The Centurion roster, based on Ulli Kamm’s list, is at http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/ultrawalking/files/ , which I think can only be accessed by members of the Yahoo group.

The fight for the fourth and fifth monetary prizes, each $250, was rather odd. With 2 miles to go, Doug Johnson had more than a seven minute lead, down from a half hour in the wee hours, on Geoff Hain. Doug headed back out the two-mile course content in the warm fuzzies of impending Centurionhood, mingled with the agony of a severely-tested body. Geoff was one of the first runners and walkers to be directed into the quarter-mile loop that makes it feasible to see where everyone finishes in the 24-hour and 48-hour races. With the ever-growing crowd of runners and walkers, and an enthusiastic announcer, generating a high energy level on the short loop, Geoff kept up a strong pace. When Doug entered the short loop with 300 meters to go, neither he nor Geoff knew where the other was in the crowd of circling athletes. Nobody among the interested observers noticed both finishes, and one walker was uncertain of his time, so doubt about the finish order existed right up to the announcement of the prize winners. It would be sensible of Geoff, who has a 49 tattooed on one leg to celebrate his Australian Centurion identity, not to tattoo a 68 on the other until some time has elapsed and all possible errors have been considered by the chip timing crew. Meanwhile, back in sixth place, Marcel Dekker was putting on a furious kick, covering the last four miles in 45 minutes to barely add US Centurion status to his international collection of accolades. Marcel added another 900 meters since he was walking around anyhow

1. US Centurion #64, Marcelino Sobczak (NED) 20:11:57
2. US Centurion #65, Edward Parrot (USA) 21-something. Hey Ed, don’t tread on an active chip mat until the race starts!
3. US Centurion #66, Frank van der Gulik (NED) 21:21:51
4. US Centurion #67, Douglas Johnson (USA) 23:25:02
5. US Centurion #68, Geoff Hain (AUS) 23:25:14
6. US Centurion #69, Marcellinus Cornelis Hendricus Dekker (NED) 23:53:07
7. Marcel Lambiotte (BEL) 62.000 miles – 14:47:01
8. Jerry Kerr (USA) 60.000 miles – 21:23:28
9. Eugene Kitts (USA) 58.000 miles -13:08:10
10. Ollie Nanyes (USA) 58:000 miles – 23:58:57
11. Lawrence “Buffalobear” Block (USA) 20.000 miles – 5:38:40
12. Dorit Attias (USA) 18.000 miles – also went strolling across the mat to warm up her chip.
Judges: Scott Demaree (Chief), Dave Gwyn, Marshall King, Lojza Vosta
Dave Gwyn, Treasurer
Race Walking Committee, Gulf Association, USA Track & Field