Montrail – Nathan 2007 Ultrarunning Team is no more

Posted on November 23, 2007 by

In a letter written to current Montrail Ultra Running Team athletes: “For 2008, we are able to support 15-20 athletes total for individual sponsorship. It’s been decided to end the 88 person Montrail-Nathan Ultrarunning Team next year. This decision was based on our current staff size and marketing needs.

THANK YOU for running on the Montrail-Nathan 2007 Ultrarunning Team and promoting our brand and sponsor products. Many of you have been with Montrail for several years and I’ve enjoyed getting to know you. Your ultrarunning continues to inspire us and the sport (focusing on the Montrail Ultra Cup and the smaller team) remains the cornerstone of our event and athlete marketing strategy.”

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