The Olympian Race – Greece 2008

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On behalf of the « AETHLIOS » International long distance running association, we inform you about the Olympian Race (180km, Ancient Nemea – Olympia, Greece), due to be held in May 23-24 2008.

Please find attached the official announcement (attached document) of the Olympian Race. We kindly ask you to upload any relevant information (or the document as it is) to your website and include our race to your announced race calendar.

For any further details, we are at your disposal.

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The Organisation Committee

« AETHLIOS » International long distance running association








180 km – 28 hours

23-24 May 2007

The association AETHLIOS organizes the long distance running race with the aim to bring to world attention the Ancient Games by linking two of the most important Stadiums of ancient time, those of Ancient Nemea and Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic Games for more than 12 centuries.


The layout of the race route was based on the knowledge of the most significant archeological and historical evidence along the whole of its length, the beauty of the landscapes and the authenticity of the Greek villages which welcome the athletes as they pass through. The route runs 110km along country roads and 70km of dirt tracks. The elevation differences total 3340m.

Check points are located at 19 villages along the route and distances between them may be up to 22km. Accompanying vehicles are strictly forbidden along the dirt tracks.

The athletes selection is being made upon the performances in previous races longer than 100km. The race rules are severely applied and the route runs under the supervision of a large number of race controllers and vehicles.

There is complete medical coverage and nearby hospitals remain stand-by till the end of the race.

Athletes and supporters are accommodated at deluxe 4 stars hotels and winners are awarded with diplomas, cups, medals, souvenirs and local products.

Athletes are also invited to attend a special evening in Nemea with traditional dishes and wines of the area accompanied by Greek folk music, the day after the race.

Further information on the race is available on our site or by phone / fax 0030 210 68 44 305.