2007 – The Year in Review

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Thanks Everyone for logging onto Planet Ultramarathon during the year. Were close to 150 000 hits which means that I must still be doing something right. I have reported on so much during the year, so it’s very hard to determine the highlights, but here goes and in no particular order.

There were two main deaths during the year. They were Sri Chinmoy and Ted Corbitt. Both were from New York and both left their huge legacy and contributions to the sport.

The young and the old attracted our attention this year. It was reported that Chinese Girl, Zhang Huimin had run some incredible distances which was widely reported in the media and 101 year old Englishman, Buster Martin announced his intention to run in the London Marathon next year. also interesting were the stories of Budhia Singh, the four year old from India whose mother has now filed a case of abuse against his coach and the 13 year old in the USA who ran the JFK 50 miles with no ill effect.

Tony Mangan from Ireland completed three plus 48hr races during the year and ran some incredible distances in each. They were in Arizona, Brno and Surgerres. Watch out for Tony at the Across the Years Race in a few days as he continues his racing schedule.

My favorite race, the Colac 6 day race suffered some high drama when it was once again cancelled, but it has now been rescued by top Olympic Marathon runner, Lee Troop. Lee will be putting the race on again in 2008 at a new venue and in a new format.

There were many other highlights during the year as well. Tim Cochrane smashed four hours of the existing Coast to Kosciuszko record in December. This race is likely to become bigger and bigger on the Australian calender and there will be more and more people entering from overseas.

Many other races were reported on during the year. These included Badwater, Comrades, New York and the Surgerre 48h to name a few.

Yiannis Kouros enlisted my help this year to inform the public about his displeasure with the IAU. I never did hear if this was resolved. I hope so.

I think to keep writing will lose the effectiveness of this article. You can look back at any of the articles on this website at any time, by going to the search engine or archives area.

All I can say in conclusion is

“Keep moving forward”

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