60km Trail Ultra in Israel – March 2008

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The Pro-Sport Ultra


The PRO:SPORT Ultra is a cross country adventure race; expect mud, water crossings, and maybe even rain. Enjoy!




7th March 2008




Start and finish of race: Regional High School, Ein Hashofet. See map.

The Course


The area of Megiddo offers plenty of varied conditions for cross-country running. The PRO:SPORT Ultra will require runners to scale many of the hills in the area with their amazing views, make their way through a number of rivers and streams in addition to other natural challenges.


The course will be well marked and runners will receive a detailed map of the course together with a course description. These details will be available on line one month prior to the date of The PRO:SPORT Ultra.


The 60 km PRO:SPORT Ultra consists of three separate sections. Each section will pass through the same start/finish point (feeding zone) and will consist of various other checkpoints along the way.

The PRO:SPORT Ultra also offers the option to run a shorter 30 km, two section, or a 15 km one section course.