Brindabella Classic threatened

Posted on December 25, 2007 by

Post that Martin Fryer raised in Coolrunning.

In the latest issue of “Canberra Runner” (page 6) there is an article from the Committee of the ACT Cross Country Club discussing the future of the Brindabella Classic. The issues that the Committee has raised include:

  • the remoteness of location, lack of facilities, weather, distances involved, general logistics, length of the race
  • the small number of entrants and the lack of growth of the event
  • the insufficicient numbers of volunteers and the large workloads placed on those that do volunteer
  • the risks of extreme weather
  • the need to minimise and manage risks in order to fulfil insurance obligations

“The Committee’s concerns are not financial- it is about risk and effort not matching the non-financial return. ”

“The Committee is not convinced that continuing to support this event is worth the significant effort and risk. ”

The Committee seeks comments from its members- but I also suggest that anyone that has enjoyed running in this Classic event should forward their comments by email to President, ACTCCCor by mail to the President, ACT Cross Country Club at PO Box 252 Canberra ACT 2601.


Martin Fryer