New Leadville Silver Rush 50-Miler!

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New Leadville Silver Rush 50-Miler!

Remember a couple weeks ago when we couldn’t access the Leadville Trail website? Well check it out now:

In the mail today we received a glossy oversized postcard from Ken and Merilee announcing a new Silver Rush 50-miler on July 20. It’s the day after the Silver Rush 50-mile mountain bike race and uses the same course. I’m not familiar with that course and don’t know how much, if any, single track trail there is. Anyone familiar with it?

I’ve often joked that I’ve run the “LT50” twice, meaning I got cut at the halfway mark in the 100-miler. I’ve wanted a 50K or 50M race on that course, and now, by gosh, there IS one — at least in the same vicinity!  Dunno if my granny knees will allow me one more race there, but I might just have to try. There’s a 14-hour time limit that I might be able to beat.

They’ve positioned it as a good training run for the 100-miler a month later, if you’re running that.

Another consideration for those who didn’t make it into Western States and for folks who have problems finishing LT100 cut-offs.


Sue Norwood – vigorously tapering for Across the Years 24-hour run Roanoke, VA

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