Sekiya runs 275km in Taiwan

Posted on December 29, 2007 by


TAIPEI, Taiwan — Ryoichi Sekiya and Sumie Inagaki of Japan won the men’s and women’s events, respectively, of the 2007 Soochow University International Ultramarathon 24-H Race in Taipei, which ended yesterday. Sekiya, the holder of the Asian record who also won the world championship in Canada in July this year, defeated his rivals to take first place by running 275.68 km in 24 hours. It is the third time he has won the title since 2002.

Upon winning the men’s title, Sekiya, 40, said he felt terrific in the morning after holding out through the grueling night, which was cold and wet, knowing that he was going to smash the record again.

French runner Mohamed Magroun trailed Sekiya to win second place in the men’s event, completing 241.85 km, followed by Taiwanese runner Wu Sheng-ming with 216.26 km.

Meanwhile, Inagaki, 41, won the top spot in the women’s division by completing 232.92 km in the endurance contest. Her performance also broke the Asian record for women.

Inagaki was trailed by Taiwanese runner Chiu Shu-jung and Japanese runner Hiroko Okiyama, who finished as the second and third in women’s ultramarathon with 211.38 km and 210.75 km, respectively.

Chiu said that she suffered a cramp in the back of her thighs at a certain point, but managed to finish the day long race after adjusting her speed.

This is the seventh time that Soochow University in suburban Taipei has sponsored the event, which attracts top-notch marathon runners from around the world.