Across the Years – Less than 20 hours to go

Posted on December 31, 2007 by

Race progress results

At the 53 and a half hour mark, Tony Mangan appears to have the Across the Years race sewn up and has covered 366.5km  John Geesler is about 37km behind him at this stage.  Mangan wont be able to slacken off though as this distance could soon be reeled in.  The Top women in the race are doing excellant and are occupying 3rd to 5th slot.  It is a three way battle between Martina Hausmann from Germany and Tracy Thomas and Juli Aistars  from the USA. Martina Hausmann shows the right way to run multi-day ultras. Start off at a comfortable pace and build up during the ensuing race.

Dave Putney appears to have won the 24hr race with 211km and Debbie Richmeier appears to have won the 48hr with a distance of 270km.  I  must also mention my good friend, Andy Lovy who has covered 136 plus kms in the 72 hour race and seems on course to bring up his 100 miles and win another buckle! Way to go Andy!

Well done to the ATY organisers for running an excellant website and looks like an excellant race as well.

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