Mangan wins in Arizona

Posted on January 1, 2008 by

Tony Mangan (Ireland) capped off a Great twelve months running by winning the Across the Years (ATY) 72 hour race in Arizona earlier today. He won with a total of 440.5km. Second in the race was John Geesler with 403 km and third was Glen Turner with 379km. The leading female entrant was Martina Hausmann who finished with 376.

Mangan’s previous 12 months has included a 401.11km – 2nd place at the 48hr race in Surgerre, 426.178km – 1st place and Indoor world record at Brno and 450km – 2nd place at the ATY race twelve months ago.

The 48hr race was won by Hans Bauer who covered 306km and the 24hr was won by Daniel Larsson who covered 217.5km.

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Well done Tony and all competitors