H.U.R.T. 100 Updates To Be Available

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H.U.R.T. 100 Updates To Be Available

Aloha Runners,

I just wanted to give a heads up that we will be providing race updates during The H.U.R.T. 100 this year at http://aditl.com/hurt/. The runner list is currently available at the above link. I would like to encourage you to frequent the site often as those who are providing the link will base future involvement on the site activity. If you forget the link you can also find it via Stan’s site at http://www.run100s.com/ht100.htm  or via the HURT Blog at http://www.hurt100trailrace.com .

As you all know the race sold out quickly, and we will have nearly 100 runners competing in next week’s event. Some of the runner’s are first time competitors at the 100 mile distance, while others are returning for the 8th consecutive year. In any case it promises to be an exciting race from up front with the lead runner’s to the runner’s at the back of the pack. The weather this winter has been very rainy, making the trails a bit juicy.
Expected high winds this weekend could wreak more havoc on the already tough trail.

Please look in on us next weekend to see how it all plays out.

Warmest Aloha,

Jeff Huff
H.U.R.T. 100

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