The Ghost Town 38.5 miles – This weekend

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The Ghost Town 38.5

an ultra walking/running event of unique distance

in southern New Mexico


Distance:  38.5 miles

When:  20 January 2008                     

Where:  Sierra County, New Mexico

Entry Fee: $89.00

The Course:  The course in ’07 was a huge hit.  So:  you’ll run or walk (your choice) 38.5 miles, and you’ll still have that stretch from Hillsboro to Kingston that takes you to the Gila National Forest, but there will be some adventurous sidestepping onto a dirt forest service road that quickly takes you away from civilization and into the wilderness.  There is one spur up and back down (300 ft. elevation gain in the ~1.3 miles up) the “Forest Trail.” The route is an out-and-back but maximizes exposure to the wilds and minimizes time on pavement! 

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