HURT 100- Game On!!!

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HURT 100- Game On!!!

Hey all,

The runners will soon be checked in. The course is manicured and it appears
to be a fast track. The ribbons have been hung, tents set up and portable
potties delivered. Now we wait the blowing of the Conch shell and the 100
intrepid athletes will be off to do battle in the tropical rain forest. Or
as we like to say “Runnble in the Jungle”. Overheard at the race brief were
plans at breaking 20 hours for the men and 26 hours for the women. Reality
will set in within 100 yards as the runners begin their ascent up Hogsback.
Oh yea, passing showers are expected in the morning and evening. Fortunately
you can follow all the action at Hopefully you all
will enjoy it as much I will.


Jeff Huff
HURT 100

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