Canberra 2 day Walk – 2008

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Introducing the Canberra International Walking Weekend,
incorporating the 17th Canberra Two Day Medal Walk,
29 & 30 March, 2008

The Canberra International Walking Weekend, incorporating the 17th Annual Canberra Two Day Medal Walk will take place on 29 and 30 March 2008. Hundreds of walkers will set out on their walking challenge and at the same time enjoy the beautiful Canberra Autumn and see the sights along Canberra’s recreation paths and footpaths.

The event, started by two Canberra families, is a non-competitive challenge Walk and is based on the long distance walks in Europe . The most famous of these is the four day walk in Nijmegen in the Netherlands .

The venue for starting and finishing will be the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture in Blackall St , Barton. People can choose to walk the 5, 10, 20 or 30 km routes each day for the two days or one day only. In addition, a marathon length course will be offered on Saturday. Each day’s routes are different. Everyone who finishes at least one course is awarded a personalised certificate. Those who finish the challenge distance for their age (or more) on both days receive a bronze medal for the first successful completion, a silver medal for the fifth, and a gold medal for the tenth successful completion. For fifteen years’ completion of the challenge, the participant is awarded the green and gold medal. Year pins are awarded for the other years. In addition, a special medal will be awarded to those who complete the Marathon on Saturday. (If you have ever wanted to complete a marathon, but know you are not a runner, come and check this one – a Marathon only for walkers!)

The routes enable walkers to see some of the sights of Canberra including Lake Burley Griffin, some of the nature parks, national buildings and monuments and, of course, the beautiful autumn colours. It’s a lot of fun and even local walkers often see parts of Canberra they haven’t seen before.

Walkers vary from preschoolers to people in their eighties. About half the walkers come from Canberra and surrounds. Most of the rest come from elsewhere in southeast Australia , but quite a number come from overseas, mainly from Europe and Japan . The event is an internationally accredited walk, having been admitted to the IML Walking Association (IML), (formerly known at the International Marching League) in 1997, and it is also sanctioned by the International Volkssport Verband (IVV).

Walkers are given a map, a written route description and a verbal briefing before they set out. Drink stations and checkpoints are provided at approximately 5 km intervals along the routes. The routes are also marked by brightly coloured direction markers. First aid personnel will be at the Control Centre to help with any injuries. There is also a Walkers’ Dinner on the Saturday evening. Entry fees apply for the walk, and also for the dinner.

The event is a not-for-profit event conducted by Canberra Two Day Walk Inc. A portion of entry fees is donated to the First Aid providers and to the Communication providers (WICEN) for their assistance.

For further information, please contact Canberra Two Day Walk Inc., P.O. Box 3114, Weston, ACT, 2611, or phone 02 6288 6401. Information is also available on our homepage: or by email at

So put on your walking shoes and Go Walking in the Canberra International Walking Weekend.

Feet First into a Healthy Lifestyle – GO WALKING !

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