Ghost Town contributes Kms for Tibet

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As director of the Ghost Town 38.5 I try to make a contribution on behalf of my runners every year.  This has varied from sponsorship (registration, meals and housing) for a small team of Navajo runners to a monetary contribution to a scholarship fund started by the late runner/writer Marc Witkes.
My run this weekend had 47 participants.  43 finished the course, the other 4 gave it their best.  Together they ran or walked 2, 821.45 kms.  At the post-race bbq I told them the year’s contribution was going to be in their honor: their efforts would be added to the growing total of kms to be presented in Beijing as a statement that we athletes hope the Chinese will release their hold on Tibet.  There were nods of approval throughout my crowd.  The Ghost Town 38.5 is happy to be able to contribute to this cause.
If by chance you wish to do the same – either as a race director or as a runner (training miles count), contact Phil through
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