Hawaiian 100 mile run photos, unedited

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Hawaiian 100 mile run photos, unedited

aloha ultrarunners,

Saturday I took my new toys* out for their first field
test.  The Hawaiian 100 mile run started at 0600, in the
dark, and I treked from the first aid station, against
the grain of the run, to catch runners coming at me.
It was definitely a learning experience. Due to popular
demand I uploaded the hardly edited results to my webshots
site: http://community.webshots.com/user/akabill  The
album “Hawaiian 100 mile run” contains the results of
my wandering over the course shooting anything that
moved. I had a 4gb memory card so there were lots
and lots of shots.  I field edited some, but mostly
they are what they are when a little boy plays with
toys that are a lot more sophisticated than he.

If you have a whole lot of time on your hands and a
great deal of tolerance for ambiguity the webshots site
offers you a ‘slide show’.  If you like any of the
results give credit to GTach** and Big Lou***.
Glenn turned me on to the hardware and gave sage advice
about how best to use it in a ‘sports’ situation.
Big Lou confirmed everything Glenn told me and tried
to help me understand how to apply it to the specifics
of the Honolulu Mauka trails.  If you don’t like any
shot, its all my fault.  I either didn’t ask the right
questions or didn’t hear the answers.  Whatevah it was
fun out there playing with my toys.

One of these days I’ll go through these images and
rake from the rubbish.  As best I can I’ll put names
to faces.****

Meanwhile it was a perfect day for running in a tropical
rainforest.  Cool, breezy, mostly overcast, mostly
trail with good traction, some sprinkles that added
that little extra something so you weren’t completely
sure which way your legs were going to go. n li dat.

That night the rain came down!  Scared some runners
right off the course.  Slippery when wet can get really
serious on these trails.  Cindy Goh went down hard and
busted a rib right after an early evening shower.
Be careful out there.

*Canon EOS 40D, 24-70mm f2.8 and 70-200mm f2.8 IS lens and
580ex speedlite n li dat.


*** http://www.reflectionsphotographystudio.com/

**** I don’t know most of these runners.  If you see a face
you know that is not identified and the running number
is not readily apparent I would very much appreciate
a short note to ‘waiban@pixi.com’ giving the number of
the shot and the name of face that goes with it.  Mahalo.

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