Next stop Greenland

Posted on January 25, 2008 by

Rosie finishes in the USA 

Got there! WONDERFUL WELCOME IN TRURO NOVA SCOTIA YESTERDAY. The Mayor of Truro, my friends the Snow Bear and lovely crowd greeted me. Though I was offered several hotel rooms, I slept in Coop Car park where Manager Peter and all the staff made a fuss of me and were great as I had to go on a bit towards Brookfield as that’s where the Rosie Party is happening. I will be telling my stories of my to help Truro hospital at 7pm. 

Before that I have a mountain of preparation to do for Greenland. Ruith Matheson is going to help to ferry me around… Have to go to ban. Check insurance, get ready! Tomorrow Mel and Russ are going to collect Icebird and me to take us back to Salisbury where Russ has built a wonderful crate or ‘mini garage’ in which to send ICEBIRD to Greenland DHL on Monday. 

So this is first is very short reports. Must get going. Karen and Snowbirds are also going to write a report. Please dear Jim correct the above vv carefully as I can’t see!! Am writing in ICEBIRD, torch frozen – and there isn’t time to check it! 

Welcome by Mayor of Truro brings poignant thoughts of TENBY!!! Greetings from Mayor of Truro to people of Tenby!! Love to everybody. I have lots to do today Friday before heading for Greenland . Thinking of you all. Rosie.

Supplied by Tony Mangan