2008 Javelina Jundred Application

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2008 Javelina Jundred Application

 Greetings Runners!

 On behalf of the Javelina Jundred race organization I want to announce that

registration is now open for the sixth annual, 2008 Javelina Jundred! This

year’s race will be held two weeks later, on November 15-16 to keep in line

with the full moon.  The race will again offer awards for best costume, best

ass, Geri K. (most memorable performance), congeniality, first virgin,

oldest and youngest finishers and best team finish.  The race will be very

similar to last year’s format and we will again be offering the “I wimped

out 100K” awards for finishers of four loops (plus an additional out and

back to make it a full 100K).

 The race is held on the 15.4 mile Pemberton trail (all singletrack) in the

Sonoran Desert near Phoenix, Arizona.  Runners switch directions each loop

and must complete 6 full loops plus a half loop to reach 100 miles.  30 hour

cutoff.  Buckles to all 100 mile finishers.


Registration will be $150 postmarked by June 1, 2008, $175 postmarked by

October 15, 2008 and then $225 until race day if spots are available.  There

will be a 125 runner limit.  Applications are available on

www.JavelinaJundred.com <http://www.javelinajundred.com/> and

http://run100s.com/jj100.htm. We will only be accepting mail in applications

this year.


The race will again donate the remaining proceeds to the McDowell Mountain

Park Trail Fund.  There will be camping available at the race start/finish

and a pre-race pasta dinner supporting local Boy Scout Troop 262.


Please see www.javelinajundred.com or the race application for more



We hope to see you in November!




Jamil Coury

JJ Race Director


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