Trans Australia Footrace – 2008

Posted on February 1, 2008 by

10 Oct to 29 Nov 08


Our ten years of experience, including five transcontinental foot races, have given Laure and me the  desire to make it possible for other runners to make the same dream come true: To run across a continent.
Organizing these transcontinental crossings is important to me and I’m happy to share our experience by putting together a team of people who have already accompanied us and who have extensive experience in this type of race.
I chose the continent of Oceania for the first crossing for several reasons:
The extent of Australia’s desert  is awesome and I am amazed by the sense of peace one feels there. For me it was love at first sight and I want to help others discover this distant and magnificent country.
The administrative and practical aspects of organizing the crossing will be simple because the only cities involved, Perth and Melbourne, are the departure and arrival points.  The rest of the crossing will take place in the great expanse of Australian desert.  Australia also happens to have the shortest crossing of all the continents, so runners will not need to be away too long.
We will do everything possible to make this race a once in a lifetime experience for you.
For those of you who have doubts about running across a continent:
For a long time I believed that it was impossible.  I thought that only experienced runners would be able to make such a crossing.
Today I can tell you that it is possible and I ensure you that you can do it, on one condition: that you want to do it more than anything else. You need a lot of humility, a minimum of physical preparation and a huge amount of motivation.  This challenge is not only for experienced runners or champions, you don’t need to be a Martian, just be yourself, an ordinary and very determined human being.
You only need to manage your effort to cover the 3500 km and see Melbourne.  You will never forget this race because it will change your life and it will make you want to take on other projects that you thought were impossible.
Finally, to anyone who says you are crazy just tell them that they must not confuse madness and ambition.
See you soon