Rocky Raccoon Race Report

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Hey gang,

 Wow, you guys are quiet today or I’m not getting much mail. If you’re bored and have a few minutes, here’s my race report for Rocky Raccoon 100 in Huntsville, Tx..


Joe Prusaitis; (our incredibly awesome race director)gave me a metal turtle (its really cool, my kids are dying laughing). He named it “Pokey,”  and it is all mine for being the last place finisher. I think I made it in with 1 minute to go or maybe it was 1 second..


Juli Aistars flew here to run with me and she is by far the most focused, incredible, super sonic running machine, just unbelievable. She looks like a teenager and made that run look like a gentle stroll..and then she flew home and went to work. I think she was disappointed I didn’t talk more, (she talks a lot while she’s cracking the pacer whip, it was all I could do to keep running.


Thanks to Juli, I met Mary Vish from NJ. She looks amazing too. I will keep running.


I saw Justin (Jack Frost). (he’s cute!) I met and ran with the Troubadour part of the way. (he’s hilarious!)He invited me to park at his campsite which was convenient at first but afterward I had to call my long suffering spouse to make the 30 minute drive north so he could transport me to my vehicle 500 feet west..I know that made a lot of sense, didn’t it?


I saw lots of Hill Country Trail Runners and North Texas Trail Runners, Deb Sexton, that became more of a comfort as time wore on..I can’t even convey how grateful I am to know these people and be a part of this, everybody is so down to earth..


I don’t know how to condense this, there’s so much, but that was the most undefinable experience that nobody but another runner would get, the last 20 miles were the most brutal thing I’ve ever experienced, I hurt, I wanted to lay down on the trail and go to sleep more than anything, my body absolutely screamed for relief, I had IBS every loop. I talked to myself at least for the last 7 miles, said something like please keep moving, just finish, I promise I will never do this again..which we all know darn well is a rat hole prayer and bald face lie.


 The aid station people and the other runners are so supportive, will do practically anything to keep you moving and help you finish. I know some of you read this kind of thing over and over but to experience this, well, there were so many things I will never forget; Juli, I love you, Fred from NTTR, I was practically in tears the last time I got to Dam Rd. He asked if I had any blisters and I lied and said no. He said all the right things, filled my bottles and sent me on with “go get your buckle.”  Hans Dieter who came out of nowhere, put his arm around me and said,”You must move faster, swing your arms, move your legs, you must finish, you must that german accent of his..seeing Larry Teeter stay up all night to volunteer after running 50 miles, and “Sherri” saying “hello” loudly way up ahead of us..she wasn’t even talking to me but the way she said it and the happiness in her voice at 80+ miles, was so hilarious and motivating, the spirit of  people at these races is just captivating.


At night the park is a symphony of frogs, birds, crickets, owls, what a concert! At night the roots become more pronounced, they come right up out of the ground and grab your unsuspecting feet.  At one point during an IBS attack, I squatted by a tree and recalling a conversation about lions, tigers and bears, heard a rustle in the leaves, jumped to my feet, yanking up my shorts, lost my balance and practically became impaled by an iron bar sticking out of the ground. I was near the lake at that point so maybe it was a place to tie a boat, but I landed in a big pile of leaves and thought for sure I’d be dinner for snakes and alligators..if anybody saw that please don’t send pictures. 


My drop bag had entirely too much stuff and the guys at Dam Rd never said anything like, “holy crap did you pack enough bricks to build a condo,” but I really didn’t know what I wouldn’t need, I spent a year preparing for this, made a list, stuck it all in a bag, needed a bigger bag and wound up using my Sunmart bag. It’s big. I went through the bag every day to remember where everything was, organized and reorganized, read hundreds of race reports to see what other people did.


 My feet are a little swollen and I have a few blisters but overall in better shape than Cap’n Karl’s

12 hour night race, my feet were wet all night during that and I was sure I’d get some terminal blister infection..after that I read Fixing Your Feet and am pretty sure I’m not going to die, at least not from blisters.


I’m so sorry to Juli I was such a pain in the ass in the end. She is a wonderful, fantastic, effervescent personality but y’all know that right?


The RR cook, Sammy, makes wonderful chicken noodle and potato soup that really hit the spot even when I didn’t feel like eating, his soup has magical restorative powers. So does chocolate soy milk. I ate something every time we hit a station, took S caps every hour, drank amino, tried not to hit the caffeine until dark..I don’t know where the butt problems came from, but I noticed when I switched from gels that had fructose to “long chain maltodextrin” it wasn’t as bad..I had shot blocks too.


I don’t know how the front runners keep a blistering pace for 15-20 + hours, wow, it’s exciting to see though, I saw Jorge over and over in quick succession and then of course, he was done..


Here’s a picture of me going after my buckle..hope this works.



Lynnor Matheney aka “Pokey”


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