Cactus Trail Run update

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**Cactus Trail Run Update**


********* Please note:  Feb. 16 Run location has been changed.  All runs will start at paved Vado (N.M.) Road at 8:15 a.m. M.S.T.

            Updates should be posted to the website (   )

            Contact Mark at–        with any questions.


Start/ finish:  On paved Vado Road, 2 miles east of exit #155 (Vado, N.M.

exit) off I-10.  This is halfway between Las Cruces and west El Paso.


     At Vado exit there are two truck stops (both with good restaurants) on the WEST side of the Hwy. 227 overpass.

     You want to go EAST– road meanders gradually uphill towards distant high mountains.

      Immediately after passing power-lines that are 2 miles from I-10, look for parking areas up short dirt road to left (north).  If you miss the parking area, paved road will end .7 of a mile farther in the midst of a small neighborhood.


      Start and parking areas are flat and somewhat non-descript, but within

1/2 mile north or south the terrain becomes more rugged and hilly.


RUN ROUTE (Prettier and more runnable than original course):     Short loop

to south on overgrown but well-marked trail, return past start (aid) and then head north, mostly on single-track, for 6 miles to turnaround in parking area off Mesquite Road.  Retrace steps to start.  There are a few tricky junctions/ turns, all of which are flagged and marked well on color map each runner receives. 


    NO MATTER WHAT WE HAVE DONE FOR MARKING/ SIGNS/ WARNINGS, there is a turn off the power-lines (below a big visible cave on mountainside) 4 miles from the start that has been overrun by many folks.  We will do everything we can to delineate this, but you have been warned.  Each runner also gets detailed written directions.  There is an AID station not 100 yards from this turn.



    Short run = 14 miles (stop after first big out-and-back to north).

     Loop 2= direct run out-and-back north (no south loop as at start).

         End Loop 2= 26+ miles (marathon stop point, as per many runners’



      Loop 3 (for 50Km)– out-and-back to AID stop #1 (rock wall, etc.), just below 5-way Rock House junction.


      AID:  Available every 3+- miles.  Water, soda, very limited sports drinks, gels, etc.  Please carry a water bottle.

      Bigger aid selection at start/ finish area (which you pass at 2 miles/

14 miles/ 26 miles).


       CLIMB:  Endless short, steep 20-30′ ups and downs, course gradually gains from 4,200′ at south end to 4,400′ at north end.

        FOOTING:  Varies from sandy to packed dirt to loose and rocky.

        AWARDS:  All runners receive a nice cool-max t-shirt.  Dozens of door and raffle prizes are given out both at finish and at post-run party at 840 Espolon Dr. in west El Paso.

        REVISED ENTRY FEE:  $5, that will be donated to local trails fund. 

Anything extra you wish to give is appreciated.


Best wishes to all runners,

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