Peak Races offering up $25,000+ in prize Money!

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Peak Races offering up $25,000+ in prize Money!


Yeah.. ANOTHER e-mail from me about the races in Pittsfield, VT. But this

time it might be worth the read because I’m going to tell you how YOU can

win $25,000 or $10,000.


Our new race website is at

We now offer 6 races through-out the entire year, with the addition of

McNaughton Park to our list.


But before I list the races, lets talk about how YOU can win $25,000!


IF anyone can win all six races this year, you will win the coveted $25,000

Purse from Peak Races.

Thats it.. thats all you have to do…. and you’re right… NO BODY WILL DO


SO… we have a second offer for you.


IF… you FINISH ALL SIX RACES with the most points (Points determined by

your finishing places),

You’ll take home $10,0000 !!! So if you’re the only one who finishes all six

races… you’ll automatically

take home $10,000.


So.. Here are the races and their dates. Each race is also listed on our



1.) March 8 – Snowshoe Marathon

2.) April 12 – McNaughton Park 100 (Pekin, Illinois)

3.) June 14 – Pittsfield Peaks 55 Miler

4.) June 21 – PIttsfield Death Race (stage race with tasks)

5.) August 2 – 666 Mountain Bike Race

6.) November 8 – “The Funeral Run” The New England 100


Those are your six races. Nikki Kimball has signed up to join us for the

June 14th event. And Leigh Schmidt is rumored

to actually considering taking a stab at the $25K. We look forward to having

their participation in our events.. and hope to

see YOU there as well.


Many of our races also award prize monies in smaller amounts to top


A portion of the proceeds from our races will benefit Keifer International.

You can check them out at <>


~SJ November 2008!

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