Copper Canyon Ultramarathon

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Copper Canyon Ultramarathon

 Howdy all,

 I’m new to the list, so my apologies if advertising a race is out of bounds

for this list.  Please politely send me a “bad boy” and it won’t happen



So, I am not the RD or an organizer of this particular event, but a

participant in 2007 … and soon in 2008.


The RD, Caballo Blanco (aka Micah True), has sent out a message saying that

there’s been a couple of cancellations in this year’s event.  This would be

a great chance for anyone looking for a real running adventure.  There is a

race at the end of this event, but IMHO, it’s almost anti-climactic.


The Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon was originally conceived by Caballo as a

way to promote and rejuvenate the running community for the Tarahumara

indians of central Mexico.  These are a special, gentle people that foster a

culture of running and produce exceptional running athletes.  Unfortunately,

this culture is decaying with the infiltration of industrialization.  At the

same time, many Tarahumara families are struggling to maintain their farms

due to drought, prices and the loss of their traditional seeds that grow

well in the region.  This leads to the young members of the society heading

to the big cities to look for work … even fewer runners.


The outreach of the efforts of the CCUM RD and veterans (called Mas Locos)

is a group called Native Seeds out of New Mexico.  Native Seeds works to

develop and re-grow the seeds necessary to create sustainable agriculture

for many different native societies.


The point of this race and event is simply to be a part of the environment.

The city of Urique looks forward to this race all year and they LOVE it.

We’re talking city plaza celebrations pre and post race and the entire town

lining the street all day long during the race.  We get a lot of questions

about how to get down to the race, the race itself, the extended versions of

the event, etc.  I’ve got a working draft of that document for display on

google docs –>


Caballo is currently down in the canyons somewhere and out of contact.  If

you’re interested, please contact me and I’ll help facilitate permission to

join the “Club Mas Loco” …


Chris Labbe

aka Cabro Colorado


btw, it’s highly unlikely that you will manage to set a 48 mile PR in this

event :^)

Copper Canyon Ultramarathon




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