Olsen and Turner – 5 months till World Run 2

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The world run project began in 2001 as an attempt to prove that it is indeed possible for a human to complete one of the last remaining classical challenges: a fully documented run around the world; making sure that no corners were cut and that credited runners were joing the stages and that the run itself were properly gps-documented.

This first fully documented run around the world were completed by the the 23. of October 2005, by Jesper Kenn Olsen, denmark, who had embarked on the run by 1. of January, 2004, from the Greenwich time meridian in London; UK.;  in company by the russian runner Alexander Korotkow whom after a strong effort became severely injured and had to stop in Eastern Siberia.

26 232km after the start in Greenwich the same location was reached again after running across Europe, Asia, Australia and North America during 1 year and 10 months of running with daily stages ranging from 10km to 93km. The original website can be visited here: www1.worldrun.org

The largest challenge remains, though:  The attempt to proove that its possible for not just one runner, but a group of runners to master runs of this length and duration. The american ultrarunner Glen Turner has taken on this challenge and will be joining the ultimate distance running attempt:

The North – South Run. At a distance of 40 000km to be completed non-stop.

From the Polar Circle to Cape Town in South Africa via the Middle-East and Africa. The return run leading from the stormy tip of South America to the cold North Western tip of North America at Saint John’s, New Foundland in Canda; through the Amazon-jungle of Brazil and the warm cornfields of mid-usa.

You can follow this run here at the official website by live gps-positions & map updates by the minute, pictures, video, daily reports and a weekly “world run radio” live broadcast. Or you can indeed choose to take part and run a stage or a continent of the run !

– The run is not a political run, but a celebration of the Earth, its people and the possibilities it gives when hardship is overcome. It is conducted in respect and curious interest of the cultures and nature.

Contact: World Run coordinator Jesper Olsen .

Note from Editor:    I am most pleased to be helping Jesper and Glen with logistical support and promotion of this run. Wish I was on the road, but will do what I can to help them from “Down Under”.