FANS 24hr and Centurions Walk

Posted on February 20, 2008 by

The web site for FANS 24 hour is

The event is Saturday, June 7 – Sunday, June 8, 2008. Check the web
site for details on briefings, start time, etc.

FANS elected not to make the Centurion walk an official part of the
FANS event. BUT – they did give me permission to have any entrant in
FANS to tell me (Bruce Leasure – that they want
to be a part of the Centurion walk. Only people that tell me that
they are part of the Centurion walk, and are entrants in FANS will be
judged by the race walk judges on the course. Awards for the
Centurions (both 100 km and 100 mile) will be sent by mail after the
race. There will be no special awards for Centurions at the FANS
awards breakfast on Sunday June 8. Since everyone attempting a
Centurion is also a regular FANS entrant, they are eligible for FANS
walking awards.

So, if you want to try for a Centurion at FANS, get your FANS entry
in, and e-mail me (Bruce Leasure – your name
and US-Mail address. Look for the USATF tent during the race.

— Bruce