Kokoda Challenge – 2008

Posted on February 23, 2008 by

Registration is now open for the Kokoda Challenge to be held in the Gold Coast hinterland on the week-end of 19/20 July 2008.

This year is looking bigger and better than ever with lots of exciting developments.

Our great new website is 99.999999% functional and is proving a great new hit.

Main Page.

Competitors Stories including the last 2 years running winners Nike Hammer

See the course overview here

For paid up competitors we have a password section with course maps, training programs etc

The course is being generally described as Australia’s toughest single event track and this year got a little harder (although a better experience in my belief)
We’ve finally been able to get rid of the Nerang/Murwillumbah Rd section from the Environmental Centre to the beginning of Black Shoot Pass.
4 years ago when we mapped out the route we thought we could never by-pass this section because of all the rugged gullys coming off the Beechmant Plateau but we have finally worked out a new route, and yes it’s more hills and descents !!!!

It’s broken into two parts. The first is along the eastern side of the highway along the banks of Hinze Dam. When it emerges onto the highway you cross over and enter the forest on the western side of the highway and for those that know the course it joins up to the Black Shoot pass section at the green water tank about 1/2 way up.

When Hinze Dam wall is raised this lower section will become flooded and we are currently working on a route along the whole western side of the highway. It will be ready for the 2009 Challenge.

The one thing that really stands out for me in this event is that 99.9% of competitors are just out to finish the event and the personal challenges along the way and the great comradary of fellow competitors. I hope it always remains like this. The other exciting news is that the top fundraising team will actually be sent to PNG and complete the Kokoda Track, all expenses paid.

Com’on guys and girls, get training.