Iditarod Trail Invitational – On now

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February 28, 2008 9:00pm

Congratulations to Dario and Philip for a great run into McGath! Jose and Joseph made it into Puntilla and are in good cheer and good shape. They both plan to leave in the morning for Rohn. Rob has a large group of foot racers into Rohn and they will more than likely head out in the morning. Nikolai has not had any racers arrive as of 8:30pm they may have stopped at Bison Camp or will be in late tonight. If anyone has pictures of this years race if you send them to me I will try to up load them or try to put them on the account I am sure everyone would love to see them.


February 28, 2008 5:45pm

There are now ten racers into McGrath. Word has been slow to come from this checkpoint due to heavy phone usage. I imagine every racer is interested in talking with friends and family after a grueling ride. Congratulations to all the racers who have made it in. Jay Petervary is calling around to make sure there is a trail to Takotna before he leaves without much luck so far. The sled dog race puts in the trail and they are so busy that they are not sure if the trailbreakers have been hrough yet. Talking with Jay he seems very strong and was ready to go just a few hours after arriving. When he starts out it will be very hard for him to keep in touch with us for a while. There are some very small villages between McGrath and Ruby however phones are hard to come by especially late at night and it is over two hundred miles to the next official checkpoint of Ruby. All racers have a 1-800 number to contact me and should feel free to call at any time if needed. When I hear from them I will post it within hours. The largest group of walkers were headed into Rohn and I have not heard from Rob and expect that he is busy feeding hungry racers.

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