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The North Face 24 Hour Treadmill Ultra-Marathon

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Global leader in outdoor footwear, apparel and equipment The North Face has moved indoors to host a gruelling 24 hour treadmill ultra-marathon, marking the opening of the new The North Face store in the Galleria Shopping Plaza in Bourke Street, Melbourne!

Shaping up to be one of the most exciting and anticipated events on the Australian Ultra-Marathon calendar in 2008, this race is a face-off between Martin Fryer, king of the track and David Waugh, king of the mountains with current Australian 100km champ Deanne Nobbs to keep them honest. These elite athletes from the Australian 24hour Team will be put to the test as it is the first race of its kind in Australia where athletes will run on treadmills for 24 hours straight, with the heightened pressure of being ‘under the spotlight’ in a busy shop window!

Commencing at 7am on Thursday 6th March and finishing at 7am on Friday 7th, the race is set to be one of the most visually interesting and impressive spectacles the plaza has seen! With elevated treadmills and bright lighting cast upon each athlete enabling them to run through the night, these warriors will compete for a prize pool of $5,000 aiming to be the athlete who covers the furthest distance in 24 hours. Giant plasma screens will broadcast the distance covered by each, the calories burned and biographical information, giving shoppers in the Bourke Street area a very real taste of the journey these pioneers will undergo.

Martin Fryer
Martin Fryer

Hand-picked from the finest ultra marathon runners in Australia and drawn from across the country, this match is one not to be missed. With Martin Fryer – winner of the Australian 48 Hour championships in 2006 (346km, race record) and the Coburg 24 Hour race 2007 going head to head with David Waugh – winner of the Gold Coast 24 Hour race 2006 (214.052 km, race record) and Glasshouse 100 Mile Trail race 2007, with Deanne Nobbs – current National Women’s 100km Champion, competition is sure to be at it’s peak!

However, whilst each are at the top of their game “there are vast mental and physical differences between treadmill running and outdoor running” said Martin Fryer, “with performances on treadmills roughly 25% less than those outdoors over 24 hours.  Runner’s will need to ensure stable calorie and fluid in-take to avoid ‘hitting the wall’ which can result in dramatic drops in pace or even a complete stop. Particular attention to the logistics of nutrition, hydration, pacing and foot care is critical from start to finish.”

Deanne Nobbs
Deanne Nobbs

The race will also serve participants as a possible qualifier for selection into the Australian 24 hour team that will attend the 24 hour World Challenge in Korea in October, to which The North Face will donate another $5,000 going towards the team’s travel costs. According to the President of the Australian Ultra Runners Association Ian Cornelius, “the contribution that The North Face is making to ultra running will greatly assist in Australia gaining a podium finish in this gruelling world class event.”

All three athletes in The North Face 24 Hour Treadmill Ultra-Marathon hope to receive a high ranking on the list of ‘Best World 24h Treadmill Running Performances’.

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